Name: Soniya Deka

Profession: Gambling expert, gaming business consultant

Biography: Soniya Deka is a recognized expert in the field of gambling and gaming business in India. She has many years of experience in this field and is considered one of the leading specialists in the country.

Born and raised in India, Soniya earned a degree in Economics and Business from one of the country’s leading universities. After completing her studies, she quickly turned her attention to the field of gambling and gaming business, where she discovered her talents and skills.

Soniya Deka has worked in various areas of gambling, including casino management, gaming industry development consulting and creating marketing strategies for gambling companies.

Her work and research is aimed at developing a modern approach to gambling in India, including the introduction of new technologies, social responsibility measures and the development of legislation in this area.

Outside of her professional activities, Soniya Deka actively shares her knowledge and experience through publications, conferences and speaking engagements at major industry events.

Her influence and expertise make Soniya Deka one of the most important providers of gambling knowledge in India, and her work is aimed at developing the industry in the country and globally.